2.10 Wrap-Up

We went over a lot of ground here to cover R basics! We downloaded and installed both R and the RStudio IDE. We learned our way around RStudio’s panels, including the interactive console at the bottom left, script console at the top left, environment tab at the top right, and several tabs at the bottom right including Files, Plots, Packages, and Help.

We stored data in variables and learned some different R data types. Basic “atomic” data types include numbers and character strings. What we can think of as data structure types include vectors and the extremely handy, sort-of-spreadsheet-like data frames.

We learned how to install packages from the official CRAN repository with install.packages("PackageName") and how to get help with packages and functions using help(), ?, and ??.

We installed the tidyverse, rio, and pacman packages using install.packages().

And finally, we went over some useful RStudio tips, such as control-upArrow to see a list of past commands.

Next up: With some R basics under your belt, it’s time to have a little fun.