5.3 Packages needed in this chapter

Installed but not loaded:

  • Hmisc
  • psych
  • rio

Installed and loaded:

  • pacman
  • usethis
  • dplyr
  • skimr

If you know which packages you need to install, you can do so with base R’s install.packages() function. For packages already installed, you can load them with base R’s library(). However, I find the pacman package to be more convenient to set up packages for workshops and classes – as well as keeping my own multiple systems in sync.

The code below 1) installs the usethis, dplyr, and skimr packages onto your system if they’re not already there and loads them into memory, and 2) installs Hmisc and psych onto your system, whether or not they’re there, but doesn’t load them into memory.

Skip the second and third lines if you’ve already got Hmisc and psych on your system and don’t need to re-install.