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Framingham Government

In an extremely close April 2017 vote, Framingham opted to become a city. See maps, graph and more!

Almost 1 out of every 5 Town Meeting Members elected in 2016 received just 0 or 1 votes; close to 30% managed 5 votes or less. Is that a reasonable number of votes for someone to be entrusted with making decisions on a budget of a quarter of a billion dollars? For a town of 60K+ people? Check out the data: Framingham 2016 Town Meeting Election Results

There wasn't a single contested Town Meeting election this year, and only one of the town's precincts had enough candidates on the ballot to fill all its seats. An election preview map and sortable table: Framingham 2016 Town Meeting Openings.

Other analysis:

Competitive Congressional Districts

Presidential forecast map based on predictions from my friend Matthew Kerbel, chair of the Villanova Political Science Department. I used the cool new R package tilegramsR, which sizes states based on their electoral votes.

Competitive Congressional Districts Near You -- an app created in conjunction with Dr. Sam Wang at the Princeton Election Consortium.

New: Access to Massachusetts Early Voting Varies Wildly - a look at voting hours in communities with more than 30,000 registered voters.

Data Visualizations for 2016 Primaries

See my tables, graphs and maps for the 2016 Democratic and Republican presidential primaries.

Hillary vs. Bernie Democratic primary analysis.

I am also contributing data visualization and analysis at Wolves and Sheep, the national political blog by Matthew Kerbel, chair of the Villanova Political Science Department. See my graphics at: